Ballet is great for anyone to get in shape while learning the art of dance.  Ballet helps to improve one’s sense of coordination and balance, encourage self-discipline and increase strength, flexibility and agility.  Ballet is a great base from which to learn other styles of dance.  



Through the Theatrical Dance International (TDI) syllabus children are able to progress through a range of classes designed to meet their specific confidence and ability levels. From the basic movements of classical ballet they progress through the grades and mayor levels, developing their under-standing of technique, musicality and performance.

National Character is introduced into ballet classes to give children an insight into the wonderful music and dance styles of other countries. These dance styles further develop strength, rhythm and style.



  • Pre- Primary & Primary: one class per week 

  • Grade 1-5 have two classes per week

  • Majors have three classes per week

  • National Character is incorporated into ballet classes


  • Pre Primary & Primary: Pink leotard

  • Grade 1-5:  Teal leotard

  • Majors: Black leotard

  • National Character skirts held at studio for use in class and exams

  • All levels tights, ballet shoes, hair in a bun 

  • Susanne Hanger Dance and production t-shirts can be worn in class

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