Jazz is a fun and popular dance option where children have the freedom to experiment with dance expression. In these classes we introduce pupils to the fundamentals of jazz, control, strength, energy and flexibility.

TDI examinations for Preliminary and up are encouraged - not compulsory.



TDI syllabus - Preliminary to Solo Seal.

Held on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Want to land that triple pirouette? Finally get the height for a switch firebird?!? Try a super cabriole?

If you want a class to compliment your jazz or ballet technique, this is for you!

*Must be in Ballet or Jazz Grade 3 or above.

Class is designed to work on strength, flexibility, and the 'tricks' of dance. No choreography is taught in this class, though short combos might be used to link skills together.


  • Leotard, bike pants for junior school, black pants or 3/4 black leggings for middle and senior school, black jazz shoes

  • All levels hair in braid or pony tail

  • Susanne Hanger Dance and production t-shirts can be worn in class

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Gate Pa - Tauranga

6, Wilrose Place - 3112


P. 027 965 6565